Summertime, and the linking’s easy

I abstained from publishing this post yesterday, because I believe in giving Memorial Day its much-deserved own space. I didn’t want to make it share the day with the cliched “unofficial first day of summer” – you know, when BBQs, pool parties and white-wearing commence. All of those things are wonderful, but I love our veterans, which includes my husband, even more.

I have a few trips planned this summer. The first involves staying at a family member’s home, the second involves a vacation rental and the third involves a hotel. All of them will involve a lot of food and beverages and not enough exercise. While vacations are meant to be relaxing and a deviation from the day-to-day, exercise and healthy eating are vital to my feeling well physically and emotionally. That’s why I make both a priority in my everyday living and make an honest effort to take them on the road with me.

As you get back to the office today from the glorious long holiday weekend, you’re probably catching yourself daydreaming about summertime. So here are a few links to blog posts I’ve written that may come in handy during this time of year, especially as you travel.

  1. No-mayo grilled potato salad
  2. 5 exercises you can do anywhere
  3. 3 ways bouncing back from vacation is easier than you thought


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