Right from the start, write from the heart: reflecting on 2015

I’ve always been told that I’m introspective. Through looking inward, I also tend to do a lot of looking back. Naturally, this time of year has me doing more of this than usual and, as a result, feeling nostalgic.

While monitoring this blog’s analytics is an ongoing process, it’s also fun to look back on an entire calendar year of posts and their performance. Doing this gives me insight on what you, my loyal readers, like to read so I can strive to give you more of that in the year to come. With that being said, I’d love to share with you the five most-viewed posts of 2015! They are as follows:

Looking at this diverse list of most-viewed posts reminds me that I have many people to thank for supporting Charmed Wellness. Most of them are represented in the posts above. Thank you:

  • Julia Schreck and Meghan Ragni for so courageously sharing their stories
  • Gina Homolka from Skinnytaste for always inspiring me
  • Deon Guillory and Brandi Heath from WJBF News Channel 6 for what I believe has been the most exciting, challenging and fulfilling work I’ve done with Charmed Wellness
  • Last but certainly not least – my husband, Nate, for always supporting and believing in me (and allowing me to get laser hair removal for the past two-ish years); I’ve never known anyone who has held my happiness to such a high regard

It’s amazing to me how, when life got hectic and the “blog content well” ran dry, opportunities were placed in my path to motivate me to keep chasing my dreams. For instance:

  • IMG_4746In March, a writer for DailyBurn.com contacted me. DailyBurn.com is “a leading online health and fitness destination that provides best-in-class workout routines through high definition streaming video.” She came across a guest blog post written by Meghan regarding her experience as a self-proclaimed “gym newbie.” This was very exciting, because this was my first media opportunity for this blog and reinforced that what I know through my professional experience and education is working for this passion and personal endeavor. Shortly after, thedailybeast.com, which delivers “award-winning original reporting and sharp opinion from big personalities in the arenas of politics, pop-culture, world news and more,” picked up the story.
  • In July, I began working with WJBF on a monthly healthy-eating segment that features my own recipes and tips. This has been the most enjoyable, worthwhile opportunity for this blog to date. Six months later, the segment is still going strong, and I’m enjoying every moment of the many hours of prep time that go into a four-minute appearance. Here’s a photo from each segment, starting with July and ending with December:


While it’s important to reflect for personal development purposes and for showing gratitude, it isn’t reflection that keeps us moving forward. That’s where setting goals and objectives comes in. Sure, I’d love to make this blog bigger and better and use it to help more people…

…but what am I going to do to get there?

I’m going to write more, but I promise that it won’t be at the expense of quality. I’m going to continue writing from the heart like I have from the start, and – just like improvement – doing so takes time.

Thank you for your inspiration and support, and I wish all of you a happy, healthy charmed New Year!


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