Healthier fall football food favorites

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I grew up in a pretty football-obsessed household. So obsessed that, when I saw a “no tailgating” road sign as a young child, I asked my family why anyone would want to tailgate (meaning the social gathering kind involving food, a parked car and likely a football game) on that stretch of highway.

They got a kick out of that.

You see, football was such an important part of the culture into which I was born. My dad graduated from Penn State. Then, I was born and lived some of my childhood in Pittsburgh, home of the 6-time Super Bowl champions, the Steelers.

Years later, we moved to a school district in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, that has a very strong athletic program and football team. My brother played in the youth program, and our dad coached his team. I was a cheerleader, so I was exposed to a lot of football, until I joined the area’s all-star/elite program so I could do what I loved: compete.

Despite all of these factors, somehow, I never caught onto football. However, if a friend were hosting a viewing party, he or she could count on my football food game to be strong. Furthermore, my weight loss in 2012 and interest in healthy cooking and eating has added a fun, fresh perspective and challenge to preparing food for events – football games included. With the season having begun, I’ve lightened up a few favorites for you to eat through the bowl games and beyond.

Catch ‘em here!

footballfoodwjbf8 footballfoodwjbf9 footballfoodwjbf10 footballfoodwjbf11



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