Drenched [and writing this post] is daring

Disclaimer: I received 20 free Carefree Acti-Fresh Body Shape regular unscented pantiliners from Influenster for testing purposes in exchange for writing a review on this blog.

Carefree1That’s right. I’m writing my first sponsored blog post for a widely recognized brand, and it’s about period paraphernalia.

I’ve hit the blogger-perks jackpot.

Since learning about this opportunity, I’ve been faced with the dilemma of being dry or … “letting it flow,” as my girl Milli said. I’ve been struggling with writing an honest review of a feminine hygiene product without over-sharing.

That’s because it’s impossible.


About Acti-Fresh

While the timing of receiving the pantiliners was “spot” on, Carefree actually markets this product as “period not required.” Successfully convincing a brand’s target demographic to purchase its product is one thing, but successfully convincing them that they need it all the time is pure genius!

Carefree claims that this product “gives you the freedom to be your best self – you at your most confident, most fun and definitely your most fierce.” As a group fitness instructor and simply someone who enjoys exercise, the most important time for me to feel confident, fun, and fierce is when I’m exercising – whether I’m teaching, taking a class, or running outside.

That’s why I tested this pantiliner during a 60-minute OxyBlast class, which is described on Oxygen Fitness Studio’s website as “a multi-level class that will give you 60 minutes of alternating cardio on the treadmill and then strength-training on the floor focused on your entire body.” I take this class three or four times per week, and it’s the most challenging class I’ve ever taken. Specifically, I chose to review this product while taking OxyBlast, because the class involves various and repetitive movements, which definitely puts not only my fitness but also everything I’m wearing to the test – feminine hygiene products included.

The Review


One positive attribute of Acti-Fresh Body Shape regular pantiliners is that they can easily fit into purses and pockets for discrete carrying.

I woke up at 5 a.m. to get ready for class. When I removed the pantiliner from the wrapper, the first thing I noticed was how short and narrow it is.

There’s one problem with that:

I’m not short or narrow.

This made me skeptical right off the bat. I think the product was designed to appeal to women who are concerned with fitting it in their purses or pockets for discrete carrying.

An hour later, class began. I started on the treadmill and, while running, didn’t even notice the pantiliner – until I transitioned to the floor for strength training. Wide-stance squats caused many unwanted wedgies. At this point, I didn’t feel very “carefree.”

Here’s why:

During my heavier days, I could never wear “normal” underwear or shorts while exercising, because they rode up. I used to wear Hanes female “boxer briefs,” which I was concerned my then-boyfriend now-husband would find in the laundry basket. They come in cool colors but aren’t the snazziest underwear in the drawer. I’ve been at a place for a going on three years where clothing doesn’t bother me as much anymore, and I can wear things that I never thought I’d consider to be comfortable. With that being said, there are few things that annoy me more than being reminded of this feeling of discomfort and insecurity when I should be focusing on my goals.

As I was changing out of my clothing after class, I noticed that, while the pantiliner was intact, it had lost its stickiness. As usual, my clothing became absolutely drenched, which is standard for OxyBlast. This made me feel thankful that I wore crops instead of running shorts, because the fit of the crops helped it to stay put.

Overall, I can appreciate the concept of wearing a pantiliner like this one throughout day, especially as I prepare for another Georgia summer, but I wouldn’t recommend this product for use during intense physical activity. It simply didn’t seem to live up to its name; I was expecting that these could keep up with my fierceness in the gym and mold to my body a little better.

But that’s OK, because #DrenchedIsDaring.


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