Skinny Sunday soup: rustic Italian gnocchi soup

I’m really enjoying my Sunday mornings making soup while my sweetheart snoozes.

When I started reviewing The Skinnytaste Cookbook in January, I was new to the idea of making soup, which is why I’ve dedicated chilly Sundays to doing that. Today I continued to stretch my culinary legs and stepped it up a notch by roasting red peppers for the first time. I used to purchase them in a jar. However, after today, I’m going to continue to roast them. Here’s how:

  1. gnocchisoupYou can either roast them over a gas burner or in the oven. I roasted mine in the oven, which was set on 400 degrees fahrenheit, on a foil-lined baking sheet for 20 minutes on one side and 25 minutes on the other.
  2. Next, steam for 10 minutes in a bowl covered with plastic wrap.
  3. Last, peel and core/seed them. I noticed that there was a lot of fluid in them than I was expecting.

I love recipes that give me the opportunity to learn something new!


I like I soups the same way I like my salads – with a lot of additions. With that being said…

  • I used two pounds of fresh sweet Italian chicken sausage (casing removed) instead of 14 ounces.
  • I used six small stalks of celery instead of one, because it always goes to waste in my kitchen.
  • I used two pounds of gnocchi instead of one.
  • I used a whole six-ounce bag of spinach, which I believe equaled more than three cups.
  • Soup isn’t the most filling of foods, so I prefer healthy portions. Even considering all of the additions listed above, I divided this into six servings instead of eight.

Buon appetito!

gnocchisoup2 gnocchisoup3

Rating: 5/5 charms


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