Dinner tonight: skinny chicken cordon bleu meatballs

I love making food that is put together creatively or unexpectedly but still looks appetizing. When ordering chicken cordon bleu on a menu, you’d expect to get ham and Swiss cheese rolled up in a thin-sliced chicken breast or cutlet, right? This recipe is not only a wonder for how it’s presented but also for its taste.

Are you intrigued yet?

The meatballs were:

  • Made of ground chicken, among other ingredients;
  • Stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese; and
  • Covered with a sauce made with a little butter, flour, white wine, reduced-sodium chicken broth, milk, lemon juice and parsley.
chicken cordon bleu meatballs 1

chicken cordon bleu meatballs accompanied by lemon-roasted asparagus



  • I added extra meat, which made about four more meatballs. I was slightly more generous on the other ingredients to account for this:
    • Two pounds of ground chicken instead of a pound and a half
    • Four slices of ham instead of two
  • I used two medium eggs instead of one large.


The Skinnytaste Cookbook has been very easy to follow, but it didn’t seem to go into much detail about how to effectively stuff the meatballs with the ham and Swiss cheese. That being said, I’m providing step-by-step instructions for this task:

chicken cordon bleu meatballs

Step No. 1: After making the meatballs, use your thumb to make a hole. This is where you’ll stuff the ham and Swiss cheese.

Step Nos. 2 – 7:  Take a quarter of a piece of ham and a quarter/sixth of a piece of Swiss cheese. Place one in top of the other. I placed the cheese on top of the ham, because the cheese was smaller. Roll them up to create a “pouch.”

Step No. 8: Stuff the ham and Swiss cheese pouch into the hole that you created in the meatball.

Step No. 9: Press it in with your thumb.

Step No. 10: Pinch the whole closed, and roll the meatball in your hands to ensure that the ham and Swiss cheese pouch is evenly surrounded by the meatball.

Rating: 5/5 charms!


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