Skinny Sunday soup: chicken pot pie soup

Can I begin by declaring my recent LOVE of thyme? This recipe calls for only a pinch, and I definitely used a handful of sprigs. Now that we got that out of the way…

It’s chilly and rainy today in Augusta, and my sweet husband has been doing major maintenance on my car all weekend.

Chicken Pot Pie 1

Mama’s got a new timing belt! Here’s to another 105,000 miles!

When I busted out The Skinnytaste Cookbook this morning for some meal planning and grocery list making, picking a recipe from the “Skinny-licious Soups and Chilis” section was a no-brainer. I’ve been saying lately how much I’d love to make chicken pot pie, so I chose the soup version.

Chicken Pot Pie 2


You’ll see below that I loaded up on the veggies:

  • I used 12 ounces of mixed veggies instead of 10.
  • I used six Yukon gold potatoes instead of two, because they were small…and I LOVE potatoes.
  • I used four celery stalks instead of two only because celery always goes to waste in my kitchen.


Chicken Pot Pie 3I make a mean turkey chili, but this was my first time making soup.

  • Similar to other soups and chilis – the longer the soup simmered, the more flavorful and thick it became. That being said, I recommend letting it simmer and cool a bit before enjoying.
  • This soup lacks some of the creaminess that I love about chicken pot pie filling – and, of course, the buttery, flaky crust.

The Skinnytaste Cookbook has various other soups that I look forward to trying and reviewing on this blog!

I put a good dent into the batch while typing this post, so I better call in Nate before I eat it all!

Rating: 4/5 charms


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