Our condo gets its “happily ever after,” too

Trying to sell your place can feel a lot like dating, and reading your own online listing can feel a lot like reading your own online dating profile.

Do I sound intriguing? And what about the picture – do I look like myself?

We put our condo in Arlington, Va., on the market in early March in preparation for our move to Augusta, Ga., in late April. As a result, it went on a lot of “dates.” They weren’t bad dates – just not ones leading it to “the one” … until mid-June, when it met its future owners.

So, Nate signed the “divorce papers” with the condo last Thursday, July 31, and it got “remarried” last Friday, August 1.

We sold our condo!

This is a blessing not only financially, as we’ve been paying for two homes since April, but also emotionally. This will help me to get over our life in Arlington, and move forward with what’s turning into a life in Augusta.

However, I’d be lying if I said that this doesn’t come with sadness. I loved everything about that place – the location … the high-end finishes … the pool … my friends … But the hardest part has been giving up the place that made me feel the most secure I’ve ever felt.

It’s no longer a secret that I grew up in an abusive, unstable home. I believe that a happy, healthy family starts with happy, healthy parents. My parents weren’t either of those by any stretch of the imagination, and they took this out on the four children whom they consciously chose to bring into the world. As soon as they separated on Christmas of 2001, when I was a freshman in high school, they started cohabitating with a significant other who never wholeheartedly accepted my three siblings and me. We were passed back and forth between households when things didn’t work out. Children need stability to thrive, and there was none of that. This stunted my ability to feel a sense of safety and belonging.

Thankfully, before I knew it, it was time for college, where I spent the start of the best years of my life. However, I moved each year – because that’s just what you do – and always worried about money, despite working three part-time jobs.

I didn’t want moving “home” after graduation to be an option, so I made the bold decision to move to a big city with zero savings, all of the clothing that I could fit into my loaded-down Honda Accord, and my next paycheck. I set out to make my dreams a reality. Over the course of five years, that somehow blossomed into a beautiful life for which I feel incredibly thankful.

In all the places where I’ve lived, I hadn’t felt permanence or security until Nate and I made a home for ourselves in Arlington. I realize that he’s the reason why I feel secure. This means that I’ll establish that wherever I am with him – including in Augusta.



the living room of our condo in Arlington, Va., in July 2010, when Nate and I started moving in his belongings

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