What comes to mind when you think of eight pounds? I think of a newborn baby and the heaviest bowling ball that my puny arms can handle. As of tonight, eight pounds represents the amount of weight I lost on the 3-Day Refresh.

How did I do it? Discipline and a program that works. The 3-Day Refresh was easy to follow, included tasty shakes, and incorporated lots of fruit and vegetables. According to the program’s website, it’s designed to give people “a quick way to lose a few pounds and get back on track.”

Check and check.

When I saw the difference on the scale, the skeptic in me asked myself (and Nate):

So, if I was able to lose it that quickly, how quickly will I put it back on if I slip up?

…because I will slip up.

I’m en route to my best friend’s wedding weekend festivities, and 500 Chic-fil-A’s exist between Augusta, Ga., and Mechanicsburg, Pa.

I don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know this:

  • I used this program to catapult me into a restored sense of personal accountability for my eating behaviors.
  • I didn’t use this program to make up for past mistakes or to buffer myself for ones to follow.
  • I have the tools (character traits like discipline and programs like this) to break the fall when I do slip up.

Not a cleanse

Some call the 3-Day Refresh a cleanse, but I wouldn’t classify it as such. Yes, I certainly feel cleansed. However, I didn’t sacrifice any macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fiber), which is characteristic of a cleanse and something I wouldn’t do. Our bodies need to run on all cylinders!

Why now?

Specifically, I chose to do it this week, because I knew that I’d be occupied with work, the Les Mills RPM 63 launch, and getting ready to go away for a long weekend and, therefore, not thinking about how badly I wanted to tear into a pizza. Plus, I didn’t have any plans to socialize over food or beverages. In a nutshell, I wanted to set myself up for success.

Overall, I’ve maintained my weight since the wedding and move. However, I’ve noticed myself resorting to food for comfort every now and then and placing fewer restrictions on what I eat. I knew that I needed to reach out and grab the tools to which I have access before I fall back to where I once was; I’m glad that I did! I recommend the 3-Day Refresh for anyone who’s looking to catapult themselves into healthier eating habits.

Challenging myself with a meal plan, whether it’s the 21-Day Fix or the 3-Day Refresh, always takes me back to the early days of my weight loss in 2012. It reminds me to appreciate the process – from my first Saturday on Weight Watchers in 2012, when I cried over the fact that three slices of pizza equaled my entire food points allotment for that day… through each good decision and successful weigh-in… all the way through reaching my weight-loss goal and staying there. My completion of this program is another step in the process for me to appreciate. I’ll leave you with just that.

Appreciate the process.


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