New experiences, new clothing, new joys

“You don’t shop a lot like other girls,” Nate asserted in the early days of our relationship.

He had a point. I hated shopping and attributed it to not having much, if any, disposable income.

Officially moving in with him in early 2012, followed by making a career change later that year, positively impacted my bottom line. In between both of those life changes, though, I made another, more profound change, which positively impacted my waistline. Read about it here.

During and after my 50-pound weight loss, as shallow and materialistic as it sounds, I noticed that I was starting to enjoy shopping for clothes and, as simple as it sounds, wearing them. My weight loss showed me that my disdain for shopping may have come less from limited resources and more from looking and feeling like a busted can of biscuits.

Before I made my health a priority, when I did find myself shopping for clothing, I made purchase decisions in an effort to cover myself with a security blanket.


Now, I shop with intention. I only buy things (on sale) that I love and that make me shine, like this gold skirt!


My good friend Emily also makes me shine.

Yesterday, I caught myself browsing one of my favorite brands’ summer sandal collection. (Did you know that your feet shrink half a size for every 50 pounds lost?) I found a pair of wedges that I could use, so I hit “add to cart.” However, what held me back from buying them was that I didn’t love them. I went for the strappy heels instead – two pairs of them! As a tall woman, I used to lack the confidence to wear heels and tower above everyone else, but now I embrace it.

So what’s with all of this talk about clothes and shopping? Something happened over the past week that gave me a reason to buy some new clothes, which reminded me how much I enjoy it now. I’ll be sharing the reason at a later date, but here’s a hint: It’s not pregnancy. While I’m sure that I’ll be thrilled to shop for clothing that accommodates a baby bump someday, I have some other things I’d like to accomplish first – and I’m still having fun with shopping for and dressing my figure that still feels so new!

I wholeheartedly acknowledge that beauty and even good health don’t revolve around one’s size. However, losing weight and inches and dropping sizes represents my favorite form of beauty within me: the confidence to know that I’m worth it, the physical and mental strength to unlock my body’s potential, and the empowerment to feel like I can do anything.

It’s been more than two years since embarking on my weight-loss journey and more than a year and a half since I lost most of the weight. I’m at the point where losing weight and inches and dropping sizes is impossible without consuming a diet solely of celery and air. That’s not going to happen. However, changes are still happening in my heart and mind as I continue to find new ways to enjoy my hard work and transformation – whether it’s finishing a race, teaching a Les Mills RPM class, coaching challenge groups, or twirling in a dress. I look forward to continuing to experience this joy through feeling confident, strong, and empowered. That, my friends, is beauty.


6 thoughts on “New experiences, new clothing, new joys

  1. Love this post! I can totally relate to this …. This summer might be the first that I’m actually confident enough to wear tank tops. Crazy to think I’d be almost shameful of this in years past! Good for you. Here’s to filling your closet with items that make you SPARKLE.

  2. You look fantastic, although you always have been and always will be beautiful! I didn’t know about the shoe size thing and it makes TOTAL sense. I went from 9 to 8.5 after I lost my 50+ pounds and, for some reason, never attributed it to that. Thanks for letting me know! Lol.

    When I would go shopping when I was heavier, it wasn’t so much that I was trying to cover myself up, but that it was depressing to me that my best friends (who were at one point a size 0 and a size 2 when I was a 13) has so many options for building their wardrobe and I just had to pick what fit. Honestly, my entire high school wardrobe was filled with things I didn’t love or even like… but they fit.

    Today, I am just proud that my wardrobe is so eclectic. I still wear hoodies and yoga pants, but I bought them because they are comfy and cute, and not because they were the only option I had. It was so expensive to change my wardrobe from size 12/13 to size 6, but I now have a closet that really reflects my personality.

    Thanks for writing this 🙂

    Jess @

  3. This is a great subject to post about with summer pretty much here as this tends to be a difficult season for us ladies to buy clothes for. Glad to see you continue to shine!!

    PS – In regard to my debut to your blog – feeling super special over here 🙂

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