A healthy dose of culture shock

There really are no words to explain what we did yesterday. Just a video:


I hoped that attending my first truck and tractor pull would make me feel acclimated to southern culture. Instead, what was meant to be a light-hearted afternoon activity ended up making me feel even more alienated and out of place.

On the bright side, I ate the best pork BBQ sandwich I’ve ever had.


Through this adjustment, I’ve been keeping in mind one of my favorite quotes:


That being said, while truck and tractor pulling may not be my thing, Nate is my man; if he’s interested in it, I want to be supportive. I mean, I’m sure that he didn’t love when I dragged him to LOFT today (even though I was in and out in less than 15 minutes), but he never would’ve showed it. Regardless, my point is that these are things that we should do for each other with a joyful heart.

The bigger picture

Next time I have to swallow another culture-shock pill, I need to remember why we made this move in the first place: quality of life. Based on how we measure quality of life, it’s impossible to achieve that living in Arlington, Va. To us, a good quality of life means spending less time and money – less time sitting in traffic just so we can go to work and less money living in an area where the federal government pay scale inflates the cost of living.

Also, I feel a sense of purpose here, which is vital to my happiness. Teaching my first RPM class since moving to Augusta today really locked that down. That’s because inspiring people through health and fitness is my purpose.


P.S. This photo was taken pre-sweatfest.


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